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Impulse responses.

Free impulse responses

Why impulse responses?

Not everyone has access to expensive amplifier speakers. Using Soundwoofers free impulse responses you're able to produce high quality recordings without having to shell out thousands of dollars for equipment. The only thing you need is your guitar, your computer, and a digital audio workstation.

How it works

The impulse response is the sound of the amplifier speaker. Every speaker has a particular sound quality which will drastically alter the result of any recording – no one speaker sounds alike! By capturing the frequencies of the impulse response on an amplifier speaker, and then transforming it into a simple .wav-file, you're able to replicate the exact sound of that speaker digitally. These .wav-files are then made readily available on this site for you to dig into and start creating your next masterpiece.

How to use an Impulse response

Impulse responses replace the physical speaker cabinet in the "signal chain" and there are a few ways to go about it. We have written a guide to help you get started with Soundwoofer.

Using Impulse responses

How to create/record an impulse response

If you decide to try and kick things up a notch by recording your own impulse responses, we have a guide for that as well. Dont forget to upload them to the library if they turn out great.

Recording Impulse responses

Most downloaded impulse responses

If you feel ready to try your wings, you can check out our Top 20 list, where we have collected our most downloaded impulse responses.

Top 20

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The impulse response library

So far we have divided our library into three different sections

Impulses attached to a rig

Impulse responses in this section are part of sets called rigs and they are loaded with information. You can read about every component used and the microphones positioning is specified down to the centimetre according to the cartesian coordinate system (X,Y,Z)


Standalone impulse responses

This section is adapted for simpler uploads, it's just a plain text description attached to a single Impulse response file


Impulse response mixes

A collection of "mixpulses" where up to 12 microphones have been combined into a single file and all you have to do is plug-and-play


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