Open-source impulse response library.

Open-source impulse response library.


Public domain impulse response library.

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Sounding your woof like never before

Not everyone has access to expensive amplifier speakers. Using Soundwoofers free impulse responses you're able to produce high quality recordings without having to shell out thousands of dollars for equipment. The only thing you need is your guitar, your computer, and a digital audio workstation.

How it works

The impulse response is the sound of the amplifier speaker. Every speaker has a particular sound quality which will drastically alter the result of any recording – no one speaker sounds alike! By capturing the frequencies of the impulse response on an amplifier speaker, and then transforming it into a simple .wav-file, you're able to replicate the exact sound of that speaker digitally. These .wav-files are then made readily available on this site for you to dig into and start creating your next masterpiece.

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