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Who are you?
– We are Soundwoofer.

What do you do?
– We are developing an Impulse Response Library.

What is an Impulse response?
-“In signal processing, the impulse response, or impulse response function (IRF), of a dynamic system is its output when presented with a brief input signal, called an impulse. More generally, an impulse response is the reaction of any dynamic system in response to some external change. In both cases, the impulse response describes the reaction of the system as a function of time (or possibly as a function of some other independent variable that parameterizes the dynamic behavior of the system).”

Come again?
– It is basically a “snapshot” of the sound and characteristics from a speaker cabinet at the time of the recording. We create a “mold” of the acoustic signature of a speaker and let you recreate the “woof” of said speaker digitally.

How do I use it?
– We created a guide for you!
You can find it here
(Or check out our video resources)

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