Eight 10-inch speakers

1200 watts of pure power







First on the list is the Mesa Powerhouse 8×10, This set of IRs have really served me well in the studio when mixing various different Bass tones.

When we recorded these at Rocksta Soundranch, we had several microphones placed aimed at serving different purposes. We had Room microphones picking up the room, Sub-microphones placed behind the cabinet for picking up rumble, and microphones of different types placed in front of each element in different ways – all giving a different character.

I usually blend a spot mic, room mic and a sub mic to form a certain sound i am going for. This blend is what i send the processed Bass chain through.

This is the method we created Andreas Sjöstedt’s Bass tone that he now uses live on stage every night with his band Kill The Kong.

Ready try out the Mesa Powerhouse?

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