July top 10

Here is the top 10 most downloaded impulse responses during the month of July. No. 1 Fender Twin Reverb Tube-Combo with 2×12″ Jensen speakers. SM57 off-axis From our Rocksta reactions series, Robert Holms fender twin reverb takes the first spot Recorded...

Mad Steex production mixpulses

Mad Steex is a Sound Engineer/Producer from Italy that mainly works with Rock/Metal production using both analog and digital processing. He has a youtube channel where he posts demo test videos about music gear such as guitar, pedals, amps etc, some mixing and...

How to record a sample for our library

With our upcoming update we have decided to, among many things allow you the choice of uploading your own samples so that you could get a better vision of how the IR you’re checking out sounds with you playing through them! We have decided to help you create these samples with a quick guide in case this is something that you haven’t done before.

The sample you need to create basically consists of your recorded signal chain without the cabinet. Below are 2 Methods of how to create a sample that will be able to be used within our library to try the Impulse Responses out instantly!