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Nicklas Ekman is a musician with many skills in his repertoire, including (but not limited to); Guitar, drums and screaming. Nicklas career started out with the band “Intrive” in 2004 and the latest band he participated in was “As we remain”. We invited him to Rocksta Sound ranch where recorded his specific sound, then he shared his thoughts and opinions about the project and Impulse responses.

About As we remain

As we remain was a hardcore/metalcore band founded in Västerås in 2011

Influences stretch from the original New York Hardcore scene to punk and modern metal. The result is heavy riffing, Moshing breakdowns and a very harsh sound in general.


Source:As we remain

About Intrive

INTRIVE was a death metal band from Västerås and were founded in the early 2004 


  • Joakim Söllvander – Vocals
  • Thimmy Warnerman – Bass
  • Nicklas Ekman – Guitar
  • Adam Lindberg – Drums
  • Fredrik Samuelsen – Guitar



You can find his Impulse Responses below!

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