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Mattias Tiselius is currently the singer and bassist in the duo; “GET LOUD” but he is mostly known from the progressive metal band “The Drake Equation” However, when we invited him to Rocksta sound ranch to try out Soundwoofer, he decided to go back to his roots and play the guitar. We recorded his specific sound, then he shared his thoughts and opinions about the project and Impulse responses.


Get loud is a duo founded in 2017, 

They recently participated in “P4 Nästa Västmanland” with the song “The Show” that they wrote together with Jonatan Lenvall. 


  • Mattias Tiselius – Bass and Vocals
  • Emil Johansson – Guitar 

About The Drake Equation

The band was active from 2009 until 2016. They played a progressive metalcore with influences from electronic music and pop. They spent many years on the road and shared stages with bands like; The Haunted, Hardcore superstar, Lillasyster & Adept. 


  • Adam Janzi – Drums
  • Dennis ‘Kare’ Andersson – Vocals
  • Anton Svensson – Bass, Vocals
  • Johan Ryström – Guitar
  • Mattias Tiselius – Guitar, Vocals
  • Emil Johansson – Guitar


Source:GETLOUD The Drake Equation

You can find his Impulse Responses linked below.

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