Soundwoofer Reactions – Tom Ohlsson

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Tom Ohlsson is a professional musician that is involved in numerous projects, such as Tvärnitad, he is also a songwriter that writes “party music” but he does not talk that much about it. We invited him to Rocksta sound ranch and recorded his custom built 4×12, he shared his thoughts on impulse responses and the Soundwoofer project.

About Tvärnitad. 

Tvärnitad is a HC/Punk/Metal band that formed in 2011. 


  • Jonas Ekroos(Vocals)
  • Morgan Petersson(Guitar/vocals) 
  • Tom Olsson(Guitar)
  • Fredrik Joelsson(Bass/vocals)
  • Niklas Hanson(Drums)

“Jonas, Morgan, Tom, Niklas & Fredde will blow your little heads to bits. Don’t believe us? See us live, because on record, we sound like a mistake. A haymaker to the face, period”

You can find his Impulse Responses on the link below!

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