Alternative Methods to Use Impulse Responses

by | Aug 13, 2018 | Post from Product Developer, Guides | 0 comments

Hey everybody, Carl here again!

Today i wanted to talk about other other methods where you can use Impulse Responses to your benifit when mixing your projects.

Other than recreating great tones from cabinets, it can actually be used to enhance certain characteristic in other various instruments, such as the warmth of a kick drum or perhaps the resonance of a snare or tom.

Impulse Response of a room can also recreate the acoustics of the actual room you recorded the sound-source in, which is great when you have a drum-recording where you didn’t have the opportunity to set up microphones to catch the room itself or perhaps the actual room or room microphones don’t have the quality you are looking for.

Below we have an interview and review where Artist Riike Mo, Erik Moberg gets to try out Soundwoofer for the very first time. We brewed up some coffee and told him to bring over nothing but his favourite guitar. The guitar in his hands is the only actual instrument that was recorded. All other instruments are digitally programmed and have been mixed with Impulse Responses and a bit of samples blended with room Impulse Responses when it comes to the drums.

We took the material from the video above and mixed his solo in with the backing-track we created and uploaded mix for you guys to enjoy on our Soundcloud!

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