Mad Steex is a Sound Engineer/Producer from Italy that mainly works with Rock/Metal production using both analog and digital processing. He has a youtube channel where he posts demo test videos about music gear such as guitar, pedals, amps etc, some mixing and mastering tutorials.

He recently reviewed our impulse response library on his youtube channel

We really enjoyed his video and review,  so we decided to get in touch with him and asked if he would be interested in creating some mixpulses together, this collaboration resulted in 6 David Laboga & 3 Orange mixpulses that you can listen to here;

Mad Steex presents the new impulse responses

The mixes are built from the following cabinets and microphones

David Laboga K100SE Electronics Ribbon R1
David Laboga V30Lauten Audio LA220
David Laboga V30SE Electronics Ribbon R1
David Laboga V30Lauten Audio LA120
Orange 412 G12T75AKG414
Orange 412 G12T75Royer R121
Orange 412 V30Royer R121

To give the mixes a little room to work in, we created a special room mix from the following impulses;

Behringer Ultrastack BG412FBehringer B5Left
Behringer Ultrastack BG412FBehringer B5Right
Custom built 4×12sE Electronics Gemini 5Center
Ashdown MAG 410 T DeepAudix D6Floor

You find and download the impulse responses here;

David Laboga mix 1DetailsDownload
David Laboga mix 2DetailsDownload
David Laboga mix 3DetailsDownload
David Laboga mix 4DetailsDownload
David Laboga mix 5DetailsDownload
David Laboga mix 6DetailsDownload
Orange mix 1DetailsDownload
Orange mix 2DetailsDownload
Orange mix 3DetailsDownload

Mad Steex production 

On Youtube: Madsteexproduction


On Instagram: @madsteex


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