Our first submission from a user.

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This track was submitted to us a couple of hours after Emil first learned about impulses from us.

“This particular track is at this point more of an idéa to an album I´m in the first stages of creating. I´ll probably record at least 5-7 more songs with Swedish lyrics

Exploring Soundwoofer as a tool for music production was pretty cool. It gave me more of a punchy sound for my guitar tracks and bass as well. I´m looking forward to experimenting more with this tool, add the effect to vocal tracks etc. I think this tool has great potential and I´m looking forward to losing myself in the endless possibilities it gives me.”

We look forward to hearing the results of this sudden burst of inspiration and we may have to check on him later (Make sure he does not get too lost in impulses).

Instagram to their band Jamsällskapet 

and of course the first sample from playing around with impulses;

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