Recording Session at Rocksta Sound Ranch

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A couple of days back we had the opportunity to visit Rocksta Sound Ranch to talk about Soundwoofer, and how to use and record Impulse Responses.

They had a rig already set up for recording guitar solo’s, so we decided to show them how to create an Impulse Response of the exact microphone positions they had set up for recording.

Depending on your sound-card, you can use as many microphones as you want to catch several impulses from the same Sweep.

For this recording they had placed 2 microphones aimed at different speakers on a Marshall 1960 Vintage 4×12 with 280w Celestion G12 70w speakers.

– Speaker A recorded with a Røde NT1-A
– Speaker C recorded with a Shure SM57

Both microphones aimed at the center/cap of each speaker.

The sweep signal is sent through a Harley Benton GPA 400 Power Amp with the frequency range of 20hz-20khz into the cab.

After the recordings were converted into Impulse Responses we fired up an Impulse Loader and he plugged in his guitar and eleven-rack into the computer and gave them a try.

We are currently preparing a recording session in their Studio and we have a preview of what’s to come. The Impulses used in the video above can be found in our Library.

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